To all of you who participated and donated clothing to the Road Home at MINI of Murray. This years MINI of Murray charity drive for the Road Home was the biggest ever.  Every year MINI of Murray in conjunction with BMW of Murray and BMW of Pleasant Grove participate in a charity drive.  Last year was a food drive for the Utah Food Bank. We were so impressed with the participation from our customers that this year we were hoping to have a repeat performance.

We chose the Road Home which is Utah’s largest homeless shelter. They expressed to us the need for warm clothing for the people they serve. We set up a MINI Cooper Clubman to fill up with clothing donations from our employees and customers. We also set up a BMW X5 on the BMW Showroom and a BMW X6 at the Pleasant Grove location.  During the month of October you could bring your items of clothing in and place them in these vehicles. Our goal was to fill them up to the top.

The Road Home is a private non-profit social service agency that assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County and along the Wasatch Front. Our mission is to help people step out of homelessness and back into our community.

Originally established in 1923 to assist stranded travelers, the Road Home has grown to address a spectrum of needs that people experiencing homelessness encounter as they work to restore their lives. In addition to operating the largest shelter in Utah, the Road Home has developed a comprehensive housing program that helps people move into housing as quickly as possible.

Not only did they get filled to the top they were overflowing. It truly was symbolic of the compassion that our friends, customers and employees have. To see the generous nature in something as simple as a clothing drive for the needy was truly inspiring.

to all who participated and on behalf of the Road Home. We Thank You.

To learn more about the road home visit their website at